Why to have a movie room in a home

A home room provides a theater-like experience in your home. Home movie rooms are no longer affordable for the rich and famous people. In today’s world, home movie rooms are much more common and more affordable technologies are available in the electronic market. Many families are enjoying a true theater experience without leaving home. For […]

Best Horror Movies All Time

Introduction: When you hear the word “Horror” you feel afraid and assumes that you are in danger. Yes, you should be. But it does not mean Horror movies only change your feelings from normal to fearful. Although, children feel uncomfortable. The Horror movies are usually designed to scare and create anxiety in the audience. These […]

Hollywood Celebrities: The top adventure movies Celebrities in Hollywood

There is a common misconception between action and adventure/thriller movies. We all grown up watching movies of these genres in our childhood and still. The common difference between action and adventure is its theme and locations. Usually, in adventure movies, exotic and historical locations preferred while in action movies scenes are usually shot in urban […]

Top 10 fantasy movies

Fantasy is a word used for imagination. This is something away from the realms of reality. It involves magic, mythology, folklore and super natural events. To let our creativity and imaginary self breathe we go in this fantasy world. This is your own creation the kind of things we imagine and want to happen come […]

Top 10 Adventure movies of 2017

Adventure is a word used for an experience in which one feels adrenaline rush in the body while conducting a certain act. Being adventurous is to try and take risks in life that an average person is unable to do. Acting fast without over thinking is an adventure. To get away from our mundane, dull […]